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Estate & Trustees

Trust is the reason you have a password for your banking platforms. It is the reason you have CCTV cameras in your homes and offices. What protection do you have for your wealth? your legacy? and for those you love?

What passwords or CCTV cameras do you deploy to ensure that when you are gone, your legacy is properly transferred to those you have chosen?

protect the future of your family and those you care about

You need a trust partner, you need Meristem Trustees. As Trustees, Meristem acts as a fiduciary or your representative. We partner with you to ensure your wishes are executed with professionalism and efficiency. Thus, making sure your legacy lives on in the manner you have decided.

Our trust services are designed not just for individuals, but corporates and institutions. Our clients value the separation between the legal ownership and management of assets. As trustee, we are the legal owner of, or hold security over, assets and financial instruments on behalf of our clients, as well as providing administration and settlement support.


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